Since 1998, Airstream Compressors has been a trusted provider of industrial compressed air equipment in the Southern African market. Our extensive range caters to professionals with small compressors, all the way up to heavy industrial applications, including air treatment, storage, and reticulation components.

We take pride in our vast stock holding, which includes comprehensive spare parts not only for our own brands but also for those of our competitors. Visit our contact page to locate our air compressor sales agents in your area.

At Airstream, they uphold a set of values that guide their business practices, setting them apart from our competitors. Central to our ethos are longevity and reliability, driving the manufacture of our industrially rated screw compressors.

Their commitment to durability and dependability translates into key design features: slow rotational speeds, oversized air ends, robust frames and cabinets, and the integration of premium Siemens and Schneider electrical components. Additionally, they incorporate larger and more efficient coolers, separators, and air ends to ensure that our rotary screw compressors surpass industry standards.

At Airstream Compressors, our focus on longevity, reliability, and superior quality enables us to offer products that stand head and shoulders above the competition.

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