In todays economical climate clients want the best possible quality products and the most effective fitout for their workshop. We strive to give you this as part of our service.


Its imperative as a client you give your clients the best possible service so equipment break downs are something you want to avoid, to enable to reach those ultimate levels of customer service. We stand by what we supply and if there is a break down we wil get to you as soon as possible to ensure down time is as minimal as possible.

We stand by the brands we put our name to and this is imperative as part of our new workshop fitouts. Our professional team will take you through the step process in making the correct choices for the long run.

National Workshop Equipment can also assist you with complete refurbishments and relocation of existing workshops to new locations. Let us take the headache away from you with our professional team planning step by step process.

Consider the following on your next fitout and tick the boxes
  • We can assist using the best quality products on the market
  • Save you time and money doing your workshop installation
  • Ensure we limit the amount of down time during the installation period
  • Increase your produtivity and revenue

Workshop Equipment has twenty years of experience and can help you tick all the boxes above. We have years of experience of new and refurbished fit outs so contact our friendly team to find out more information.


South Africa is heavily regulated with health and safety laws to ensure technicians and staff work in a safe work environment. It is absolutely imperative that your workshop hoists have annual inspections and servicing to ensure your staff are safe and following Health and safety laws. We have a stringent NWE Safety check sheet that our servicing technicians obey by to ensure your equipment is thoroughly checked and cover with a comprehensive report of any fault findings. We understand downtime you we schedule well in advance with client to ensure there is minimum downtime in the workshop.

It is imperative not only do we do preventative maintenance on lifts but on any of your equipment in your workshop. If you neglect your equipment and not service and maintain it leads to unnecessary down time which leads to loss income. Speak to one of our friendly staff about schedule maintenance plans for all your workshop equipment. Not only do we sell the best workshop equipment in the market we also service and maintain them.

With over twenty year experience in the motor industry we understand workshops. We fully understand how lifts operate, they have high paced demands lifting cars up and down daily in different environmental conditions. National workshop equipment is constantly striving to ensure our senior managers and technicians are up to speed with the latest training and education to ensure we are head of the pack.


National Workshop Equipment can assist you with your existing compressor with servicing or if the current unit is passed its sell by date our friendly team can assist you in making the right choice with a new compressor. The newest technology in state of the art compressors, refrigerated air dryers and filters, you must look at the newest generation in variable speed drive technology rotary screw drive compressors. Save up to 35 percent on energy savings going forward.

Avoid the following:
  • Constant down time on failing compressors because it keeps breaking?
  • Do you have constant air leaks in your air line?
  • Is your airline constantly contaminated with oil and water?
  • Increasing running costs on electricity due to old technology?

Contact National Workshop Equipment and will show you the benefits of the latest Air compressor Technology.