Green Machine Corporate & Retail: Transforming Car Wash Businesses

Discover incredible opportunities with Green Machine’s innovative car wash system, designed to save you time and money while enhancing your business. Ideal for:

  • Office parks
  • Residential complexes
  • Car parks / petrol station
  • Hotels/large guest lodges
  • Existing car wash

Maximize Efficiency and Savings
In commercial settings requiring regular vehicle washing, the Green Machine eliminates the need for traditional wash bays. This not only saves space, but also significantly reduces operating costs by cutting out the thousands of litres of water and electricity typically needed. Convert your current car washing system into an environmentally friendly and more profitable process. Insert image “saving water” to the right of the text.

Convenient and Clean
Whether you manage a residential complex, office park, or hotel, finding suitable areas to wash vehicles can be challenging. The Green Machine’s waterless system means no mess, allowing vehicles to be washed quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively right where they stand.

Empowerment Through Business
Green Machine provides carts, consumables, and training, while operators act as independent contractors. They invoice monthly for services rendered and can offer additional cleaning services for your dealership, such as window, floor, and toilet cleaning, which are billed separately. This model supports the development of previously disadvantaged individuals through our empowerment program.

How It Works
We offer various models for investors, with leasing options based on the number of vehicle washes per month. Explore our different models here.

Comprehensive Support
Every business is assigned an area representative for monthly visits, material delivery, and ongoing support. An online support log is available for additional product orders or repair requests. We also have training and development centers in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.

Ready to Transform Your Business?
Contact your nearest representative to arrange a meeting and learn more about how Green Machine can revolutionize your car wash operations.