National Workshop Equipment is an official Tamp dealer for South Africa

National Workshop Equipment is an official Tamp dealer for South Africa

National Workshop Equipment received the import rights for TAMP wheel service equipment in 2017 and has been enjoying a steady growth ever since. From our entry level equipment to cutting edge technology of our fully automatic units make TAMP the first choice when considering equipment. With our two-year warranty and exceptional parts stock, comes the peace of mind of having all your requirements met. Our direct connection to the factory gives us an abundance of R and D and Technical information at the tips of our fingers.

TAMP wheel service equipment is a type of specialized machinery used in the automotive industry for repairing and maintaining tires. TAMP stands for Tire and Machine Performance Testing system. There are several different pieces of equipment available when it comes to performing services on your car’s wheels and tires. This equipment offers several advantages that make it worth considering for use in any automotive garage or workshop.

TAMP TR23M imported by National Workshop Equipment


Our TR23M Truck Changer solely operating on 3PH/Hydraulic Power with no need for pneumatic supply to our R90 Truck Wheel balancer with Passenger mode and wheel lift, make them the perfect pair for any truck workshop.

We have taken the first steps in offering Semi-Automatic Tyre changers (TM105) with help arm as a Standard accessory and not an optional extra.




There are many advantages associated with introducing more efficient technology into technicians working environments – especially when it comes time for completing necessary repairs or services on customers vehicles' wheels & tires. Several key benefits include:

  • Extended warranty periods due being able to perform quality work faster than manual methods allow.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through reduced wait times during appointment procedures.
  • Reduce labour costs by diminishing technician fatigue thanks attention required by automated processes.

The first Tyre Changer bead breaker operated by hand (TM4R) making bead breaking ergonomically correct and more efficient.

With all these firsts it will establish National Workshop Equipment as a fore runner in wheel Service Equipment.